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50,000 LEXION machines. Every single one an individual.

Since the 1995 launch of the LEXION, 50,000 models have left the plant in Harsewinkel. Every single one has been built in accordance with your specific requirements and our high quality standards. Accompany the 50,000th machine through the build process and discover some of the many stages of production which involve some hundred tests to ensure the precision, performance and reliability of the LEXION.

Many millions of hp.

In order to develop its full output of up to 626 hp, every LEXION engine is configured optimally to match the requirements of the work system. Over the years, we have been able to extract maximum performance from several million hp with CLAAS POWER SYSTEMS.

Class production.

Every year, many thousands of machines leave the factory on schedule thanks to the second by second accuracy with which the fully automated production lines deliver the LEXION to the different assembly stations. It is here that our specialists individualise your machine in line with your requirements.

Perfection that pays.

The test rig is used to test all engines, major assemblies and functions of the LEXION under full load in order to prepare it for its work in all the world's climate zones.

Multiple inspection principle.

No machine and no test programme can replace the human eye. This is why our inspectors subject every LEXION to a final up close and personal check before delivery. Nothing gets past their meticulous scrutiny.

Milestones 1995 - 2015.