VARIANT 485 - 460

Rotor and ROTO FEED.

Again, it's all about just one thing.

VARIANT 485 - 460

Rotor and ROTO FEED.

Again, it's all about just one thing.


VARIANT 485-460

Rotor and ROTO FEED.

  • Solid to the core: the rotor gets the bale turning
  • The core compaction can be set on demand from the comfort of the cab
  • The rotor fills the bale chamber more evenly allowing more crop to be processed
VARIANT 485-460

The rotor feeds the crop into the bale chamber, force-starting the baling process (a feature unique to CLAAS).

VARIANT 485-460

Optimal core compaction to produce extremely high bale weights and a storable, uniform bale shape from the start.

VARIANT 485-460

With a belt speed of 2.9–3 m/s, the VARIANT can process more than many other round balers, and requires significantly less time to wrap the bale.

A true core competency: 
The rotor starts the baling process.

Only from CLAAS: the belts and the chopping rotor turn in opposite directions, allowing the immediate start of the baling process necessary to produce a compact core. The high-speed rotor reaches directly into the bale, forcing the process to start – for each and every bale, and in all conditions. This also prevents belt slippage.

Benefits that you can see in every minute of operation, because you can operate the VARIANT at full speed all the time.

Core compaction on demand.

You can determine the core compaction in terms of the feed quality required and control this conveniently from the cab – for example, maximum core compaction with straw or a soft core with hay. You can also choose between three default settings or use two freely adjustable parameters.

Uniform filling of the bale chamber.

A further benefit: the standard feed rotor delivers a uniform crop flow to the bale chamber, allowing significantly more crop to be processed per unit time, and, as a result, you can operate the VARIANT at incredibly high work rates.

VARIANT 485-460

ROTO CUT and ROTO CUT Heavy Duty.

What 360° means for us –constant bale rotation with no spinning.

  • Better bale shape, thanks to 360° chopping rotor with spiral tine arrangement
  • ROTO CUT with 6-mm-thick, four-star dual tines
  • ROTO CUT Heavy Duty concept for silage
VARIANT 485-460

The 360° tine arrangement.

The tine arrangement in the VARIANT with ROTO CUT and ROTO CUT HD has been optimised. The tines of the four-star rotor are now arranged in a spiral configuration over 360°. This means better distribution even in short crop material and small swaths, resulting in a better bale shape.

The perfect cut with ROTO CUT.

14 knives for first-class feed quality. The VARIANT ROTO CUT with its 6-mm-thick, four-star dual tines works more precisely, more effectively and faster than other balers.

  • 360° 6-mm tine stars
  • 14 aggressive DEGUY blades
  • Precise, short-cut feed portions for greater compaction and easier unwinding
  • Saves time when mixing feed, and the top-quality forage increases milk yields
  • Spiral tine arrangement (360°)
  • Four-star rotor for a short chop
  • Combined stripper system between and within the dual tines
  • Individually secured, double-tempered steel blades
  • Hydraulic knife engagement
VARIANT 485-460

When endurance matters: 
ROTO CUT Heavy Duty.

Tough job to be done? Bring it on! The Heavy Duty drive concept in the VARIANT 485 and 465 makes these machines ideal for tough working conditions in silage. This is because of the 8-mm-thick, four-star dual tines, the ultra-robust individual knife guard and knife bracket. Cutting quality therefore remains excellent even in silage.

What makes ROTO CUT HD so effective:

  • ROTO CUT 360°, 8.00-mm tine stars
  • Reinforced single knife guard
  • Reinforced Tsubaki chains (main drive and rotor drive)
  • Silage kit
VARIANT 485-460

PRO lowerable floor and early warning system.

It's not just sports cars that can be set lower to the ground.

  • PRO hydraulically lowerable floor for continuous crop flow and high chop quality
  • Early warning system for imminent blockages
  • Blockages can be cleared from the comfort of the cab

Finding the right level: 
PRO hydraulically lowerable floor.

Baling is a tough job, and it also has to be done fast. High daily work rates are essential, and so are intelligent systems that anticipate the operator’s requirements – such as a lowerable floor that actively adjusts to the crop flow. With automatic lowering by up to 30 mm, crop feed can be maintained even in non-uniform swaths, and there is no loss of chopping quality. The lowerable floor, operated by two hydraulic rams, turns your VARIANT with ROTO FEED or ROTO CUT into a VARIANT PRO.

Work at full capacity with the early warning system.

The movement of the floor is indicated on the control terminal as visual and acoustic signals via a sensor. This means you can react to the threat of blockages in time – from the comfort of the cab. You can use the baler to its full capacity while avoiding downtime due to blockages.

Clear blockages at the touch of a button.

Potential blockages can be cleared from the control terminal, without having to leave the tractor cab. The hydraulically lowerable floor opens, and the rotor pushes the blockage directly into the bale chamber. On machines with a chopping rotor, pressure is released from the blades at the push of a button, before the lowerable floor is opened. The blades automatically swing back in upon closing.

Lowerable PRO floor

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