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DISCO mowers.

Perfect results in all operating conditions.

The MAX CUT mower bar is now fitted on all CLAAS front mowers and almost all DISCO rear mowers. The CLAAS name stands for professional equipment, from the smallest model to the largest.

DISCO mowers.

Perfect results in all operating conditions.

The MAX CUT mower bar is now fitted on all CLAAS front mowers and almost all DISCO rear mowers. The CLAAS name stands for professional equipment, from the smallest model to the largest.

CLAAS Forage Harvesting Machinery | DISCO disc mowers – the benefits for you.

  • Top chop quality with the MAX CUT mower bar
  • Perfect cut, with no stripe marks from dirt on the bar
  • Smooth running, even at high speeds
  • Innovative bolt concept for maximum deflection and impact resistance, even under extreme loads
  • Low diesel consumption, thanks to ACTIVE FLOAT and the economy PTO (850 rpm)
  • SAFETY LINK reliably protects the drive train, and is quickly replaced when required
DISCO disc mowers

DISCO Product Tour App - Now available in the Store.

The Product Tour app takes you on a virtual walkaround of the DISCO and highlights all the new technical features in detail. You can experience the DISCO from every angle and also take in a 360° operator's-eye view from the cab.

To the App Store >

DISCO disc mowers

DISCO large-scale mowers.

There are five different series of large-scale mowers: the DISCO DUO with reverse-drive system, the DISCO AUTOSWATHER biomass mower with swath grouping, and the DISCO BUSINESS with load-sensing working hydraulics and numerous additional functions, plus the DISCO CONTOUR and TREND models. All come equipped with ACTIVE FLOAT and further highlights.

DISCO disc mowers

DISCO front mowers.

PROFIL front mowers are simply unbeatable. Combining them with a rear or large-scale mower creates a true dream team of mowing excellence. Even when used on their own, they deliver an outstanding result. The patented PROFIL linkage geometry ensures flawless ground-contour following, on any type of terrain.

DISCO disc mowers

DISCO CONTOUR rear mowers.

DISCO CONTOUR rear mowers are efficient and reliable – no matter what the conditions. Thanks to a working width range from 2.60 to 3.80 metres, there is a machine suitable for every farm or business operation.

DISCO disc mowers

Side-mounted rear mowers.

In the same way as the large-scale mowers, CLAAS side-mounted rear mowers also feature professional-level technology. MAX CUT is available as from a working width of 2.60 metres.

Rear mowers with inline mower bar.

For part-time farmers and small farms, a simple mower is sometimes the best option. The CLAAS product programme therefore includes some reliable no-frills technology alternatives.

DISCO disc mowers

DISCO trailed mowers.

CLAAS trailed mowers provide optimum ground-contour following in all conditions. In all configurations – 3.00 or 3.40 metres working width, side or central drawbar, with or without conditioner, crop spreading or swath grouping – all these DISCO machines come equipped with the MAX CUT cutterbar, and guarantee maximum operational reliability.

MAX CUT mower bar.

MAX CUT in all new DISCO mowers.

As of now, all new DISCO mowers, from the smallest CONTOUR rear mower through to the high-end DISCO AUTOSWATHER and all DISCO F / FC / FRC models, will be equipped with the new MAX CUT mower bar. This will enable our farmers to work more productively and efficiently. With the introduction of the new large-scale mowers TREND, CONTOUR, BUSINESS, AUTOSWATHER and DUO, CLAAS now offers the right mower for every hp category and for every individual customer requirement. There are different control options to meet every kind of need. Ranging from the DISCO TREND, the entry model without conditioner for medium-sized farms, to the DISCO AUTOSWATHER professional mower with conditioner, swath grouping, comfort hydraulics and electronics, CLAAS can boast a product range that is fit for the future.

  1. Mower bed stamped from a single piece
  2. Mowing discs in forward position
  3. Fully rotating knives
  4. Efficient drive concept
  5. Optimised tunnel effect
  6. Innovative bolt connection for maximum deflection and impact resistance
  7. Permanently lubricated mower bar
  1. SAFETY LINK safety modules
  2. Specially hardened and bolted connection pieces
  3. Skids with spoiler effect
  4. Convenient quick blade change
  5. Wear skids, high-cut skids, twin high-cut skids and bar protection device available as optional equipment
  6. Very small bar openings
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