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Annual Report 2017

Consistency meets dynamics. “If you want to be the leader, you must keep running.” At CLAAS, we are working on innovative, leading agricultural technology solutions. Our strategy therefore builds a bridge between dynamics and consistency while helping us navigate a market environment characterized by constant ups and downs. Aspects of progress and stability also meet in our work at our new electronics development hub, in our product portfolio for different markets, in the impressive availability of our customer service, and in the training of our employees.

Capital market

Funding decisions are a central part of our corporate strategy, as the basis for ongoing successful growth. As a family business which also looks to the capital markets, we are able to play a pioneering role. In the same way as a listed corporation, CLAAS uses the capital market to fund long-term projects. But as a family-owned business, we not forced to focus on quarterly earnings figures, but can rather base our decisions on value enhancement in the longer term.

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