Agritechnica 2023

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Agritechnica 2023

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Agritechnica 2023

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Agritechnica, the world's most important trade fair for agricultural machinery, takes place in Hannover, Germany, from November 12 to 18, 2023. Covering some 5,800 square metres, our CLAAS World in Hall 13 presents all the new products in the CLAAS family and the agriculture of tomorrow, divided into three main areas: grass silage, grain and maize silage.

We're looking forward to seeing you there.

Agritechnica 2023


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3A Advanced Automation and Autonomy

3A comprises planning and implementation software which was previously available only for autonomous field robots, but can now be used to control tractors and implements as well. The operating mode can range from highly automated to completely autonomous, depending on requirements. From planning through to implementation and analysis, the technology eases the workload of both farm managers and operators and increases the efficiency of agricultural processes.

Three-dimensional height control

The three-dimensional height control uses a hydraulic upper link, an additional spool valve and height sensors on the implement to integrate the lower link control of the 3-point hydraulic linkage into a control circuit. This makes it possible for the first time for the working depth or height of the implement to be controlled independently of the situation of the tractor and to be maintained at a consistent, parallel distance from the ground contours.

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Drone interface for detection of wildlife during operation of autonomous mowing systems

The drone interface allows data about the location of wildlife which has been detected by drone and thermal camera before the start of green forage mowing to be transferred to a route planning tool. These data are then integrated in the route planning in such a way that the trailed mower is guided around the wildlife locations. In this way, wildlife losses can be prevented without the use of labour-intensive resources. Animal rescue is decoupled from the mowing process.

Fuel from waste and residues

HVO is produced mainly from waste and residues and therefore represents a simple, immediately available method of reducing emissions.

Compared with fossil diesel fuel, HVO allows greenhouse gas emissions to be reduced by up to 90% over the lifetime of the fuel.

Human and environmental benefits:

  • Can be adopted immediately without converting engines or filling stations
  • CO2 saving of up to 90 % compared to diesel
  • Year-round low-temperature resistance down to at least -22°C
  • High cetane number and drastic reduction in NOx and particulates
  • Improved oxidation stability and therefore longer storage life than diesel
  • Readily biodegradable, lower water hazard class

Smart solutions to optimise your business

Looking to the future, we see great potential for autonomous work processes in agriculture. And because we are always thinking one step ahead at CLAAS, we are already able to offer a glimpse of the future in the form of our next-generation autonomous XERION. For the first time, CLAAS Autonomy connect allows planning and implementation software to be used to control tractors and implements as well. Developed within the 3A group, the first products are Amazone Autotill and Claas Autonomy connect, which handle the entire tillage planning and implementation process. The software operating mode can range from highly automated to completely autonomous, depending on requirements. From planning through to implementation and analysis, the technology eases the workload of both farm managers and operators and increases the efficiency of agricultural processes.

Alternative drive technologies

The semi-electric powertrain designed for harvesting machines, such as combines, reduces fuel consumption and CO2 emissions. It incorporates an electric motor/generator and battery as well as the diesel engine. The electric motor absorbs load peaks, enabling the diesel engine to run at reduced power and engine speed and so with greater efficiency. The future holds the possibility of using hydrogen-fuelled combustion engines. However, these would require either a tenfold increase in the volume of the machines' tanks to carry sufficient hydrogen or frequent refuelling stops. Just like switching over to compressed natural gas (CNG), the use of hydrogen technology requires high levels of investment.

CLAAS Collection Shop

For over 100 years, our company has enjoyed close links with communities and regions. This attachment to our home ground, to rural life and the natural world is reflected in the range of products available from the CLAAS Collection Shop. You will find leisurewear and workwear for men, women and children as well as detailed collectors' models, toys, accessories and promotional items. The extensive range of modern, high-quality products has something for everyone and every age.

Always optimal quality

Unstoppable in our commitment to delivering excellent forage quality. CLAAS launched the first JAGUAR forage harvester 50 years ago.

A JAGUAR will always be a JAGUAR, of course, but advances in technology and know-how mean that the models of then and now are worlds apart. With a wide range of front attachments and corncrackers, today's CLAAS JAGUAR can adapt to any forage harvesting situation. And this evolution is far from over.

Strong network. Worldwide.

With our large number of in-house FIRST CLAAS USED centres and partners, we are wherever you are – making us number one in the professional used machinery sector. Benefit from a unique, world-class selection of used agricultural machinery with outstanding value retention and experience a high level of driving comfort combined with durable, reliable engineering.

Join our team!

We are recruiting new colleagues for CLAAS and our CLAAS distributors through apprenticeships, dual study programmes, internships and the direct entry route. As one of the world's leading manufacturers of agricultural machinery, we help to feed the world. Interested in joining our team? Send us your application now!

"Our promise" – always there for you

From your CLAAS machine out in the field to the smallest part required in the course of your everyday work: if careful sowing is to result in a successful harvest, it is necessary for many elements, large and small, to interact. Day after day, minute by minute – with the highest possible degree of reliability.

Our motivated team is always happy to provide you with individual, expert assistance. And we don't just mean from 8 till 16.30.

Lease a tractor. Any time. Throughout Germany.

You know better than anyone what type of tractor you need for your specific requirements. This is why we offer tractors in various power categories and with a wide range of equipment options. With FIRST CLAAS RENTAL you can respond quickly and flexibly to peak workloads and particular situations. In this way, you can tailor your rental tractor precisely to your needs. Ask your CLAAS distributor to give you a quote for a specific rental scenario.

Ready for extreme volumes

The DISCO 9700 RC AUTOSWATHER is a mower that can only be described in terms of superlatives. As well as delivering top cutting quality and efficiency, it is ready to handle extreme yields. When developing the DISCO 9700 RC AUTOSWATHER, we focused not only on the classic alfalfa harvest, but also on whole-crop silage and thus on very high yields and forage volumes. As this requires very effective power transmission, we worked with Walterscheid, the agricultural powertrain specialist, to develop a unique triple-telescopic drive shaft. The drive is designed for tractors up to 500 hp (368 kW) and fitted with K-90 friction clutches. And it goes without saying that the mower comes equipped with the proven AUTOSWATHER features such as MAX CUT, ACTIVE FLOAT, BELT BOOST, speed monitoring and slope control.

Smart Farming is easy with CLAAS

Digital farming with CLAAS

Working out in the field is what your job's all about. But farming also entails office work such as planning and documentation. With Smart Farming software and hardware from CLAAS, you can connect your machines to your farm, automate your documentation and get yourself perfectly set up for precision farming. The technology locates your machines, indicates input consumption, captures your yield data, takes care of the documentation and identifies where things could be done better – saving you time, valuable resources and money.

A new era of large tractors

The XERION 12 Series redefines the high-end tractor segment up to 650 hp (478 kW). These models are the result of over 25 years' experience in the CLAAS large tractor sector. Significantly superior in terms of tractive power, comfort, assistance systems and, above all, profitability, they herald an impressive new era. Because strength is more than power.

Our workhorse

The EVION is the perfect machine for family farms.

With its intuitive control system, easy accessibility for maintenance and care tasks and its cab with its optimised working environment, it is ideally placed to meet the demands of the future. As a result of its excellent versatility and the speed with which it can be changed from one crop type to another, you can always look forward to harvesting at optimal efficiency with it.