ARION 470-410

Enjoy the freedom.

Every day brings new challenges. But you can look forward to them, because your tractor's got everything covered.


ARION 470-410

Enjoy the freedom.

Every day brings new challenges. But you can look forward to them, because your tractor's got everything covered.


CLAAS Tractors | ARION 470-410.

ARION 400 Stage V

Freedom is everything.

CLAAS Smart Farming

Digital solutions for your tractor

Discover the CLAAS solutions for digital precision farming and optimised machine performance.

Discover digital solutions

Even more freedom in the ARION 470 / 460.

  • More output: 155 or 145 hp with the extra 10 hp boost from CLAAS POWER MANAGEMENT
  • More flexibility: compact dimensions and a power-to-weight ratio of just 34 kg/hp
  • More productivity: a payload of up to 3.8 t and a rear linkage that can handle over 6 t
  • More digitalisation: GPS steering systems, ISOBUS and TELEMATICS (optional)

The Premium Comfort package represents a cost saving of € 3,000/GBP 2,605 *.

  • More productivity: HEXASHIFT 6-speed powershift transmission and HEXACTIV auto-shift function
  • More fun: smooth driving experience thank to SMART STOP and cruise control function
  • More support: CIS colour screen and CSM headland management
  • More comfort: cab suspension and PROACTIV front axle suspension

An expert opinion.

Helmut (Olli) Heppe talking about the Premium Comfort package

155 or 145 hp and a power-to-weight ratio of just 34 kg/hp! I recommend the ARION 470/460 to my customers who need an agile tractor with plenty of power.

*Based on the list price (recommended retail price) for the following components. All prices include VAT. The offer applies to all participating distributors and is valid until 30.09.2023. We reserve the right to extend the offer. The images may vary from the actual machines. The illustrations may depict optional equipment and additional accessories which are not included in the offer. We accept no liability for errors in this information.

The new ARION 400:
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George Chapman
Cattle and sheep farmer from the UK
"I work in a fantastic environment and have a job that I really enjoy. There's a lot of work to do and I can use the ARION for virtually everything."
"I am very impressed by the flexibility of the transmission system. Especially all the various options for the road, field and yard. Being able to increase the hydraulic output at the press of a button is a huge advantage for front loader work and mucking out.

The comfort, ease of operation and reliability are outstanding. The seat is like an armchair. What's more, it's my first tractor with TELEMATICS. I can monitor fuel consumption, area worked and the location, all from my mobile phone! This tractor will stand me in good stead for many years."
Anson MacAuslan
Estate manager in Caithness (UK)
"I have been involved in agriculture all my life. I really like the variety and the huge range of responsibilities the job brings and it's a pleasure to work with my excellent team."
"We use our ARION 400 for a wide variety of tasks around the estate: transporting animals, feeding, mucking out the stalls, maintaining the roads, mowing heather on the hills. This tractor provides everything we need. Ask anyone around here, and they will say the same: they really like its comfortable cab, all-round view and excellent manoeuvrability in confined spaces and for loader work.

We're great ARION fans here because we love the way it is continuously optimised by CLAAS. That said, with this model, it's hard to imagine that anything can be improved. We're sure CLAAS will think of something though.“
Farmer in France
"I've been driving tractors since I was 14. The ARION is a complete all-rounder. We use it for almost every job on the farm. I can take it anywhere, and it has enough power for the larger fields."
"I really appreciate its high level of comfort and intuitive operation. What's more, its digital features are perfectly in tune with our approach to precision farming. All this has a very positive effect on my work. We are more precise, more efficient and we save a lot of time.

I mostly use the function keys on the multi-function control lever to program tasks which I want the tractor to perform simultaneously. This simplifies things enormously. The SMART STOP function is also very handy. And of course the camera, which shows what's behind the tractor. I can see what's going on without having to keep turning my head round. In short, I am very happy working with the new ARION."
Helmut (Olli) Heppe
Tractor product manager at CLAAS Deutschland
"If you're interested in a CLAAS tractor, I'm the man to ask. I know the ARION 400 inside out. We've even got one on my wife's farm."
"It's a brilliant all-rounder that can handle any job. My brother-in-law uses it in the asparagus fields to lay the plastic film and for cultivations.

We're all impressed by the steering system and the finely tuned transmission. Even the head of the family drives it, and he's 91. I reckon that tells you all you need to know about how easy it is to operate."
Christian Leyer
Farmer from Germany
"I run our dairy farm with my father and what I love about my job is that I get to spend every day outdoors with the animals."
"We both really appreciate the fact that the ARION is so versatile. It can handle virtually any job on the farm. It's extremely nimble, the front loader has a very high reach, and you get a really good overhead view from the PANORAMIC cab – ideal for stacking straw.

We use the GPS-PILOT as often as possible. The steering system allows us to enter the tracks beforehand, which is a great advantage during swathing. Even at high speeds, we can lay a straight swath for the forage harvester to pick up. This makes the entire forage harvesting chain smoother.
Sandra Wötzl
Winemaker and farmer from Austria
"For me, farming is about producing fantastic products with love and passion. Here on the vineyard and on the farm, no two days are alike."
"The ARION is our constant companion. I use it in the field to plough and cultivate our arable land and on the road to transport the harvested grain and sunflowers. I can't think of any everyday task that I wouldn't use it for.

The perfect ratio of performance, weight and tractive power provides a safe and enjoyable driving experience. I feel very much at home in the cab. It has an impressive level of comfort, with a brilliant all-round view and straightforward controls that make it easy to operate."
Michael Radauer
Arborist and farmer from Austria
"I have worked on my parents farm for as long as I can remember. My older brother Markus is now in charge. Whether here on the farm or in our tree surgery and landscaping business – we are all dedicated ARION 400 fans."
"It isn't our first ARION. We have never had any problems with this tractor. You just climb in, set off and know that you will do a good job. Whether clearing roads in winter or mulching, baling, loading and transporting in summer.

The overall concept of this tractor is simply unbeatable. Apart from the ease of operation and ride comfort, the major benefit for us is the engine and transmission tuning and low centre of gravity. We feel really safe working with this tractor."
Josef Radauer
Farmer from Austria
"I love working with machines. On our farm I really get my money's worth with our tree maintenance, felling and forestry clearance operations."
"The ARION is a true all-rounder. We use it on grassland, with the baler and loader wagon, for example. I also use it to transport equipment, timber and a wide variety of other loads. And you'll often find me on the hillside mowing with the mulcher.

The fact that I always feel very safe when working on steep slopes is down to the good balance between power, weight and traction. And of course the good visibility and easy operation. When you feel at ease on a machine, you make fewer mistakes."
Gábor Steinhauser
Product manager for CLAAS tractors in Hungary
"We use an ARION 400 for virtually everything here: field work, transport, drilling, mowing, spraying. This machine is so versatile."
"We're very excited about the new ARION. It's even more comfortable and higher-powered – I mean, it's got a dynamic, fuel-efficient engine, powerful hydraulics and a comfortable, spacious cab for long working days.

I like the fact that this tractor doesn't hold me back. The transmission is so well tuned that I can use the ARION for just about any task. Except the heaviest draught work perhaps. But its big brother the AXION 900 can take care of that."
Asbjørn Velde
Sales person at our Norwegian CLAAS dealership Velde Maskin
"I don't just sell the ARION. I use one on my farm too. It does everything: soil cultivation, bale loading, transporting the crop."
"When I ask friends, customers and colleagues what they expect from the new ARION, I always get the same response: it must be easy to operate, have affordable service costs and be configurable to suit your needs. No problem, I say.

I am proud of the fact that we have such a good CLAAS Service here in Norway. The dealers respond immediately, the mechanics are well-trained and the spare parts arrive quickly. That's massively important for all farmers, and not just at harvest time."
Jakob Eskeland
Farmer from Norway
"I love being a farmer and producing food for our country. I need my tractor mainly for grassland work and slurry spreading."
"I expect a lot from a new tractor. It must be solidly built, comfortable to drive and easy to operate. And for me, it's very important to have tyres that protect my soil and the grass sward. The new ARION has everything I need.

I particularly like its PANORAMIC cab with the transparent roof. You get such a clear view above and to the front. And that means I can enjoy the Norwegian sunshine while I'm working. I'm not joking, even here, we have on average 3.2 hours of sunshine a day!"

How do you define freedom?

Freedom means different things to different people. For some it means good all-round visibility, for others a more spacious interior with intelligently arranged controls. Some like to keep a clear head: combining the unrivalled sense of space with intelligent digital assistants that reduce the workload and increase efficiency.

The new ARION 400 gives you freedom, however you define it.

Be inspired

Clever operator assistance systems
Look forward to an easier life. CSM headland management and dynamic steering take the strain out of your day-to-day work. And with the steering systems, you can cut your diesel consumption and operating costs by up to 7%.
Intelligent data management
Simplify your documentation. Control and monitor your machinery fleet in the CLAAS TELEMATICS Portal. Access your machine data at any time from any location – thanks to DataConnect, you can also retrieve data from other manufacturers' machines.
Efficient connectivity
Improve your work processes. Conveniently control your ISOBUS implements using the function buttons on the multifunction control lever. Just connect the implement at the rear and it appears in the ISOBUS terminal.
Outstanding cab comfort
Be more productive. As well as an unrivalled sense of space with superb 360° visibility and a clear upwards view of the front loader, the PANORAMIC cab also features digital assistants designed to make your work more efficient. No other tractor offers a convenient multifunction control lever quite like this one.
Intelligent transmission
Drive the ARION 400 without using the gear lever or clutch pedal. Thanks to QUADRACTIV or HEXACTIV, this tractor shifts like an automatic car. It also features a host of other convenient automatic functions like SMART STOP and cruise control to make your job easier.

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ARION 400 Stage V
Download > RGB (486KB)  |  CMYK (23.6MB)
ARION 400 Stage V
Download > RGB (465KB)  |  CMYK (37.7MB)
ARION 400 Stage V Front loader
Download > RGB (477KB)  |  CMYK (14.7MB)
Swathers LINER ARION 400 Stage V
Download > RGB (844KB)  |  CMYK (31.6MB)
Swathers LINER AXION 800 Stage V ARION 400
Download > RGB (781KB)  |  CMYK (17.1MB)
ARION 400 Stage V Front loader
Download > RGB (580KB)  |  CMYK (16.6MB)
ARION 400 Stage V Front loader
Download > RGB (801KB)  |  CMYK (20.5MB)
ARION 400 Stage V Tedders VOLTO
Download > RGB (1.2MB)  |  CMYK (18.8MB)
Front loader ARION 400 Stage V
Download > RGB (587KB)  |  CMYK (22.1MB)
ROLLANT 455 / 454 UNIWRAP ARION 400 Stage V
Download > RGB (829KB)  |  CMYK (28.3MB)
Front loader ARION 400 Stage V
Download > RGB (622KB)  |  CMYK (21.3MB)
ARION 400 Stage V
Download > RGB (547KB)  |  CMYK (18.2MB)
ARION 400 Stage V Front loader
Download > RGB (666KB)  |  CMYK (23.4MB)
ARION 400 Stage V
Download > RGB (553KB)  |  CMYK (19.1MB)
ARION 400 Stage V Front loader
Download > RGB (465KB)  |  CMYK (12.2MB)
ARION 400 Stage V Front loader
Download > RGB (452KB)  |  CMYK (14.9MB)
ARION 400 Stage V Front loader
Download > RGB (746KB)  |  CMYK (23.8MB)
ARION 400 Stage V
Download > RGB (675KB)  |  CMYK (24.7MB)
Front loader ARION 400 Stage V
Download > RGB (896KB)  |  CMYK (16.5MB)
ARION 400 Stage V
Download > RGB (613KB)  |  CMYK (22.7MB)
ARION 400 Stage V
Download > RGB (702KB)  |  CMYK (23.3MB)

ARION 470-410.

Max. output (ECE R 120)1kW/hp107/14599/13592/12585/11585/11575/10067/90
Max. output with CPM (ECE R 120)1kW/hp114/155107/14599/13592/125

Meets ISO TR 14396