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Digital solutions for your combine harvester

Discover the CLAAS solutions for digital precision farming and automatic documentation.

Discover digital solutions

Discover the most flexible combine harvester ever built by CLAAS.

Each field is special in its own way, demanding full commitment from you and your machine. It was with precisely this in mind that we developed the CLAAS TRION. Changing from one crop to another is quick and easy. Its threshing unit is designed for high throughput. Self-learning operator assistance systems help make the harvesting process efficient and user-friendly. Experience a new dimension of reliability with the TRION.

Great success for our new CLAAS TRION - awarded as FARM MACHINE 2022 in the combine harvester category! An international jury of experts likes the variety of equipment and variants of the TRION just as much as the farmers and contractors for whom we have developed the new TRION!

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Don’t go with the features given to you, pick the ones that fit your farm.

Choose from a wide range of operator assistance systems for your convenience and success. From CEMOS AUTOMATIC to TELEMATICS, you can count on our extensive line-up of intelligent helpers to make your work easier.

Discover the TRION that fits your farm.


Configure without compromising.

Benefit from maximum harvesting performance with lower fuel consumption. Discover how high throughput can be reconciled with low grain losses. APS HYBRID and JET STREAM cleaning make it possible.

Discover the TRION that fits your farm.


Don't limit your options, move on with more flexibility.

Make the most of the wide range of equipment options offered by the TRION to align it precisely with the requirements of your farm. Benefit from its MULTICROP capability and switch from one crop type to another in next to no time.

Discover the TRION that fits your farm.


Lasting performance you can count on.

Put your farm ahead of the field with rugged technology that's built to last. Flexible MAXI CARE options and minimum maintenance requirements mean that maximum uptime is yours.

Discover the TRION that fits your farm.


The strengths of the new TRION.

All the qualities that make a CLAAS combine harvester synonymous with efficiency and high performance are also to be found in the new TRION. You know exactly what your farm needs and we can build your TRION to provide it. Combine the components that fit your requirements and you will never have to put up with compromises further down the line.

Discover the TRION models

"You keep cruising at the same pace up or downhill or working across sideslopes – it really is fantastic."

Scott Hamilton
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"Even when running at really high output levels, we had practically no losses at all."

Wilhelm Paschertz
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"The TRION is the perfect size for our farm."

Simen Settendal, Jarle Hegna
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"With yield mapping and all the assistance systems, the TRION is perfect for my farm."

David Lalonnier
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"Our narrow harvest windows mean that my combine has to be absolutely reliable."

Irina Kupreytchik
Managing Partner
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"As this is a hilly area, we need a machine with a side slope compensation capability of a good 20%."

Ermanno Peppucci
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"The TRION's performance and compact dimensions make it perfect for our activity."

Andreas Spatt
Grain dealer and contractor
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The wide range of TRION models


  • High-throughput APS HYBRID threshing unit
  • High-performance separation
  • Economical Cummins engines up to 435 hp
  • Grain tank capacity of up to 12,000 l

TRION 600 / 500

  • Efficient APS WALKER threshing unit
  • Protective straw handling
  • Powerful Cummins engines up to 408 hp
  • Grain tank capacity of up to 12,000 l


  • Automatic longitudinal compensation up to 6%
  • Side slope compensation up to 18%
  • Precise MULTI CONTOUR feeder housing
  • Available for all TRION models


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#2 Operator assistance systems

#3 Maintenance

#4 In its element

Connected machines are more productive.

There are very good reasons for the digitalisation of our machines – three to be precise: we want to help your operators work more confidently, to make your harvest go more smoothly and to reduce your costs.

CEMIS 1200

Connected documentation.

The CEMIS 1200 terminal supports you with precision GPS tracking and connected documentation. You can carry out job management tasks directly on the machine.


Mobile data management.

Work data, tracks and yield data for your combine harvester are transmitted via the mobile phone network from the machine to the server, where they are processed and stored.


Full integration.

The CLAAS API allows you to integrate the TRION in your existing IT infrastructure. The interface connects CLAAS TELEMATICS with your farm management system.


Machine data monitoring, regardless of manufacturer.

Control and monitor your entire fleet of machines via the CLAAS TELEMATICS portal. DataConnect is a multi-manufacturer cloud-to-cloud solution from CLAAS, 365FarmNet, John Deere, Case, Steyr and New Holland.

Experience the TRION with augmented reality.

Wondering how the new TRION will look on your farm? Just click the "Experience the TRION in 3D" button to open an augmented reality application which puts a 3D rendering of the machine in your yard. You can use your smartphone to view it from all sides and take a close look at all the details.

Every field has its own characteristics.

Whether undulating, flat, large or small, near the coast or in a drier inland location, every field presents challenges which have to be overcome. The TRION has the flexibility to keep your options open.