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Double celebration: Farm Machine Awards for CLAAS XERION 12 Series and 3A - ADVANCED AUTOMATION & AUTONOMY

An international jury of experts has awarded both the new XERION 12 Series from CLAAS and the Autonomy consortium 3A - ADVANCED AUTOMATION & AUTONOMY with a Farm Machine 2024 Award at Agritechnica.

Just a few days earlier, the XERION 12.650 TERRA TRAC was named Tractor of the Year 2024.

The new XERION 12 Series has been one of the undisputed highlights at the world's leading trade fair for agricultural technology in Hanover. The high horsepower tractor from Harsewinkel has now received its second international award in a row. Following the Tractor of the Year 2024 award, the powerful and efficient flagship of the CLAAS tractor range has now also been honoured with the “Farm Machine 2024” award in the large tractor category. “We are overwhelmed that after 25 years of XERION on the market, Helmut Claas’ vision has also received this prestigious award,” explains Dr. Martin von Hoyningen-Huene, Chief Technology Officer CLAAS Group and responsible for the Tractors and Implements division. “This award and the Tractor of the Year 2024 belong to the entire product team around development, marketing and sales. After many extremely positive customer comments on the market launch, both awards impressively confirm the innovative approach of the tractor and are further evidence of its numerous undoubted technical and economic arguments.”

With the XERION, CLAAS has been one of the technological drivers in international large tractor construction for 25 years. With its low-engine speed concept 2.0, the XERION 12 Series is unique in this tractor class due to its CMATIC continuously variable transmission with a maximum speed of up to 50 km/h (TERRA TRAC: up to 40 km/h), the low-engine speed working hydraulics with delivery rates of up to 537 l/min, and the newly developed and shock-absorbed TERRA TRAC Triangular crawler tracks in addition to the unrivaled all-round visibility from the four-point suspension cab, which is the largest of any tractor in this class. The extreme load capacity and precise steering thanks to the continuous frame with two steering axles, the uncompromising all-wheel drive concept with balanced 50:50 weight distribution and the CEMOS driver assistance and process optimization system are also unrivaled. “Traction efficiency has always been firmly anchored in the DNA of our tractors,” adds Dr. Johannes Weisbrodt, Senior Vice President Product Unit System Tractors responsible for the XERION. “With the XERION 12 Series, we have taken the well-known strengths valued by XERION customers all over the world, developed them further and combined them with more than 25 years of TERRA TRAC development and production experience into a strong, convincing overall concept.”

Jubilant atmosphere at CLAAS (from left to right): Laudator Alexander Brockmann (dlv/traction) Thomas Spiering, Lukas Große-Wienker, Jan Wieckhorst, Johannes Weisbrodt and Dr. Martin von Hoyningen-Huene celebrate the Farm Machine 2024 in the large tractor category at the awarding session organized by the German Agricultural Publishers (dlv) at Agritechnica.

3A wins in the “Smart Farming & Robotics” category

CLAAS was pleased to receive another award with its 3A founding partners AgXeed and Amazone. In the “Smart Farming & Robotics” category, the world's first consortium for high automation and autonomy prevailed against two competing submissions and thus received the second award at Agritechnica after the silver Innovation Award. “Advanced process automation and autonomy are one of the future megatrends in global agriculture,” said the 3A founding partners. “Thanks to 3A – ADVANCED AUTOMATION & AUTONOMY as an open network, it is intended that even smaller companies with fewer development resources can participate in the advancing automation in field management. In the future, farmers and contractors will have access to a wide variety of manufacturer solutions and will be able to choose the optimal technology for their operations and needs. Above all, technologies and solutions will be developed more quickly to market maturity by bundling competencies and standardization will be accelerated.”

The manufacturer-independent, open approach of 3A – ADVANCED AUTOMATION & AUTONOMY is generating widespread interest among national and international agricultural technology manufacturers.

In the Smart Farming & Robotics category, the jury rewarded 3A – ADVANCED AUTOMATION & AUTONOMY. After the Agritechnica Innovation Award, this was the second award at Agritechnica for the autonomy consortium.